Tuesday, November 07, 2006

The Sweet Smell of Korean Spice

The Sweet Smell of Korean Spice

This sweet smelling deciduous viburnum shrub that is ideal for small spaces with only three or four feet of planting area. In spring, Korean Spice Viburnum is covered with pink fragrant flower clusters the size of grape fruits. The standard form of Korean Spice viburnum shrubs is a good intermediate landscape shrub as it only grows five to six feet high with an equal spread. Being a low maintenance viburnum, they are also ideal for growing in large pots in the patio garden. There are many ways you can fit this shrub into the smallest gardens. The dull green foliage turns bright scarlet in the fall. Zones 5-8.

Other relate shrubs include: Mohawk viburnum, Cranberry viburnum, Tea viburnum and Judd viburnum.

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