Thursday, August 24, 2006

Start Planning Your Moon Garden


What to do first-

-Choose your Moon Garden - garden area.

Choose a special place for your Moon or Lunar garden, keeping in mind the size of the area you are planning.
Are you going to have a sitting area?
What type of centerpiece you will have?
This way you can pick and choose which plants grow best in full sun to part shade. Be sure and check a map of the Plant Hardiness Zone for your area, that way you'll know what will, or will not grow in your area. Mark out the boundaries of your new garden with either a garden hose or rope. That way you can visualize what the actual shape will be or if you need to adjust your garden size. Before wasting valuable time, tilling, shoveling, clearing out and then changing your mind be sure and plan out your garden.
You don't have to have a rigid layout, but it helps to have some type of vision.

-Next you need to prepare the soil. Till it, loosen it and amend it by blending in compost, Leaf Mold or any various soil amendments you may need for your particular soil. Now you get to start thinking about all the wonderful possibilities...

Next time
~Border, path and accent Ideas~

The Garden