Friday, August 25, 2006

Moon Garden border, path and accent Ideas

~Moon Garden border, path and accent Ideas~

-White rocks, or lava rocks, how about clear marbles sprinkled around your bed.

-A Large clear or silver Gazing Ball or combination of several sizes, color shades.

-To support any vines or climbing white Roses, you might enjoy an arbor or trellis. There are so many to choose from you are sure to find one or two types you like, whatever material or style you like.

-A garden centerpiece of some type. Either a special statue, maybe a large windchime or a bubbling water feature.

-How about a White blooming Magnolia tree or a White Dogwood?
Dogwoods and Magnolias are always a gorgeous choice for Spring Blooming !!

-Some type of seat or bench is a must have when your moonflowers and cirius are blooming.

-Most moon gardens have little to no lighting and are only illuminated by the light of the moon. You can do anything you like, this is Your space, so if you want to have a lighted area, go for it. Are you going to place electric or solar lighting in your moon garden?

-If you have a medium to large area, a winding path with minimal lighting can make an unforgettable statement for your personalized area.

more info to follow
on Planning your Moon Garden...

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