Sunday, August 27, 2006

White Blooming Trees - Plants & Flower photos

By now I am sure you have picked your preferred garden spot, keeping in mind to leave enough room for the future in case you decide to expand. Now that you have a few ideas for your own White or Lunar Garden, The fun part begins.

Choosing trees, plants, flowers and plant media for your personal space is the ultimate treat for gardeners. No two flower beds look the same, no matter if you choose the same plants as your neighbor. You can make your Special Spot in the world unique.

In addition to fill-in plants of different shade of greens or blue, you do not have to limit your lunar garden to strictly white blooming media. Some of the most beautiful plants in this type of garden involve a mixture of white, light lavenders, pale yellows and creamy off white blooms.

I will be sharing photos of some of my favorite Moon Garden Bloom photos. I have taken all of the photos with a Kodak dc5000 Zoom digital camera.


The Garden

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