Monday, August 28, 2006

Plans for Garden Arbors

Plans for Garden Arbors

We've collected an assortment of plans for garden arbors for the DIY gardener. Take a look and if you still can't find a free garden arbor plan that suits your needs, just let us know. We'll be more than happy to search for more garden arbor plans to add to our page.


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Sunday, August 27, 2006

White Blooming Trees - Plants & Flower photos

By now I am sure you have picked your preferred garden spot, keeping in mind to leave enough room for the future in case you decide to expand. Now that you have a few ideas for your own White or Lunar Garden, The fun part begins.

Choosing trees, plants, flowers and plant media for your personal space is the ultimate treat for gardeners. No two flower beds look the same, no matter if you choose the same plants as your neighbor. You can make your Special Spot in the world unique.

In addition to fill-in plants of different shade of greens or blue, you do not have to limit your lunar garden to strictly white blooming media. Some of the most beautiful plants in this type of garden involve a mixture of white, light lavenders, pale yellows and creamy off white blooms.

I will be sharing photos of some of my favorite Moon Garden Bloom photos. I have taken all of the photos with a Kodak dc5000 Zoom digital camera.


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Saturday, August 26, 2006

Moon Garden Plant and Flower Ideas

More Moon Garden Ideas

For your Moon garden you will need to buy or trade for a combination of seeds, bare root plants, bulbs and potted trees and plants. Usually in this type of Garden placing bulbs in groups of 4 or 5 work extremely well. Be sure and consider at least 1 variety of rose, not only adding beauty but fragrance. If you are going to include climbing vines in your landscape you may want to set up your vine support or trellis before planting. Moonflowers and morning glories can climb over eight feet high. Mixed together, these two climbers can give you beautiful blooms both day and night.

One of the most fragrant plants in my garden is the Asiatic Lily. I will be sharing photos of some of our moon garden inhabitants. The fragrance of this lily is unmistakable, and draws you further into the garden to find out which plant is in bloom. Many times, I have smelled the sweet scent of the flower before I knew it was blooming...

-Now is the time for you to choose your centerpiece.
If you are making a water centerpiece plan your electrical source now
That way you won't have to worry about disturbing the roots of your newly planted specimens.

-Place your border plants keeping in mind you want to make sure the plants you choose will not grow too large and block your inside plants. In my opinion some of the most beautiful border plants are herbs and ornamental cabbages.
-One of the last things you will want to do is finalize placement of the path and mulching materials.

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Friday, August 25, 2006

Moon Garden border, path and accent Ideas

~Moon Garden border, path and accent Ideas~

-White rocks, or lava rocks, how about clear marbles sprinkled around your bed.

-A Large clear or silver Gazing Ball or combination of several sizes, color shades.

-To support any vines or climbing white Roses, you might enjoy an arbor or trellis. There are so many to choose from you are sure to find one or two types you like, whatever material or style you like.

-A garden centerpiece of some type. Either a special statue, maybe a large windchime or a bubbling water feature.

-How about a White blooming Magnolia tree or a White Dogwood?
Dogwoods and Magnolias are always a gorgeous choice for Spring Blooming !!

-Some type of seat or bench is a must have when your moonflowers and cirius are blooming.

-Most moon gardens have little to no lighting and are only illuminated by the light of the moon. You can do anything you like, this is Your space, so if you want to have a lighted area, go for it. Are you going to place electric or solar lighting in your moon garden?

-If you have a medium to large area, a winding path with minimal lighting can make an unforgettable statement for your personalized area.

more info to follow
on Planning your Moon Garden...

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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Start Planning Your Moon Garden


What to do first-

-Choose your Moon Garden - garden area.

Choose a special place for your Moon or Lunar garden, keeping in mind the size of the area you are planning.
Are you going to have a sitting area?
What type of centerpiece you will have?
This way you can pick and choose which plants grow best in full sun to part shade. Be sure and check a map of the Plant Hardiness Zone for your area, that way you'll know what will, or will not grow in your area. Mark out the boundaries of your new garden with either a garden hose or rope. That way you can visualize what the actual shape will be or if you need to adjust your garden size. Before wasting valuable time, tilling, shoveling, clearing out and then changing your mind be sure and plan out your garden.
You don't have to have a rigid layout, but it helps to have some type of vision.

-Next you need to prepare the soil. Till it, loosen it and amend it by blending in compost, Leaf Mold or any various soil amendments you may need for your particular soil. Now you get to start thinking about all the wonderful possibilities...

Next time
~Border, path and accent Ideas~

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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Moon Garden Plants and Planning Ideas

Gardens that are designed for enjoyment in the evening or at night are called 'Moon Gardens' or 'Lunar Gardens'. Most plants used in moon gardens have similar characteristics; evening blooming, fragrance, and white flowers or foliage. You can use perennials, annuals, trees, shrubs, use your imagination. We will be sharing garden ideas and photos of some of our favorite moon garden blooms.

Plant Ideas for your Moon Garden

Silver Mound Artemesia
Asiatic Lily
Azaleas, white snow
Baby's Breath
Cabbage, ornamentals
Clematis, white
Crocuses, Snow Storm
Dusty Miller
Four O'Clocks
Hibiscus - White Rose of Sharon
Hyacinths, White Carnegie
Iris, white bloomers
Lady's Mantle
Lamium Beedhams White
Lemon Bee Balm
Lilys -
Morning Glory
Painted Trillium
Shasta Daisys
Virginia Sweetspire
Old fashioned snowdrops- Galanthus nivalis
Spring snowflake -Leucojum vernum
Tulips, white blooming
White angel's trumpet
White Baneberry
White Primrose
White Japanese Apricot, Rosemary Clarke
Yarrow, white

-Additional plant ideas to fill in areas that need a little extra oomph:

next time-
~What to do first~

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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Welcome to Sci Fi Garden

Sci Fi Garden


A science fiction story may be firmly rooted in real scientific possibilities, but a popular misconception is that science fiction always attempts to predict the future. We hope you will enjoy exploring the possibilities with us...

The truth is
just like plants -
feed off the sun...

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